SPARC and BARC Meeting Thursday 15 April

Due to both professional and health issues, the April SPARC will be delayed until this coming weekend (17-18 April).

We do have an exciting meeting planned for Thursday evening at 7:30ET (15 April) on the Zoom teleconferencing platform.

Joe Harris, N1QD, will be presenting DMR basics, with an emphasis on getting set up and running on BARC’s 70cm DMR repeater. No pressure, but this could be one of the best presentations this year!

To join the Zoom meeting above go to:

Meeting ID: 999 1873 2995 Password: BARC

Get Your Article in NOW!

Have something to tell your club? Been working on something that has been exciting you? Know something that the rest of the club would be interested in? (DMR comes to mind!)

Write something up for the upcoming March SPARC. Doesn’t have to be big. Make your mark now! Send it off to your harried Editor, KE1ML at!

Going Forward

Hi folks,

This is Morgan (KB1ZFP) writing to you from Somerville, MA. I’d like to apologize for the issues we had tonight with connections to our monthly Zoom meeting. Going forward we’re going to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

To do this, we’ve added two things to our monthly to-do list:

  1. We will update the Zoom link each month instead of trying to use the same link each time.
  2. We will send out a reminder email the Wednesday before each meeting happens so that everyone on our lists will have valid meeting connection details.

Once again, please accept my apologies and I hope to see you all on the air ways very soon!


Morgan, KB1ZFP

Club PayPay System Back UP!

The Club PayPal system has been restored! All praise and thanks for this goes to Joe Harris, N1QD. We had a perfect storm over here where the person who normally dealt with the site was unavailable, and I myself was in Somerville Hospital for a diagnostic test.

Again, many, many thanks to N1QD, and we’re back on the Net (as it were)!