Greater Boston Net Directory

Please send corrections and additions for this list (which is also published monthly in The SPARC) to Joe Chapman, NV1W. For a list of NTS traffic nets in eastern Massachusetts, see NTS Net Schedules on the Eastern Massachusetts ARRL Section page.

Time Net Frequency Affiliation
Daily 5:30 am New England Weather Net 3.905 (link)
Daily 7 pm MARI (Mass/Rhode Island CW Net) 3.565 NTS
Daily 8 pm Eastern Mass 2M Traffic Net 145.230 (PL 88.5 in/100.0 out) NTS
Daily 8 pm Slow Speed CW Net 28.160
Mon-Fri 6:30 am Gallops Island Radio Association Net 3.923 GIRA
First Mon* 6:45 pm Eastern MA RACES Net 3.930 RACES
First Mon* 8:30 pm EMA Section ARES Net 146.610 and all MMRA links ARES
Mon 7 pm Two Meter SSB Net 144.244 USB Great Hill Gang
Mon 7:30 pm New England Digital Swap Net DMR New England Talk Group (TG 3181)
Mon 8 pm New England DMR Net DMR New England Talk Group (TG 3181)
Mon 9 pm BARC Club Net 145.230 (PL 88.5 in/100.0 out) BARC
Sun Mon Wed Fri 10 pm Heavy Hitters Traffic Net MMRA-linked repeaters: 146.610, 146.670, 146.715, 146.820, and all 222 and 440 repeaters NTS
Tue Thu Sat 5 pm MA RI Phone Net 3.978 NTS
Tue 8:00 pm Sci-Tech Amateur Radio Society (STARS) Net 446.325 (PL 146.2) STARS
Tue 8 pm MMRA Club Net 146.610 and all MMRA links MMRA
Wed 8 pm Wellesley Amateur Radio Society Net 147.030; 444.600 (PL 88.5) WARS
Wed 9 pm Waltham Wranglers Swap Net 146.640 (PL 136.5)
Sat 9 am Northeast SATERN Net 7.265 SATERN
Sun 9:30 am Yankee SSB Net 50.272 (link)
Sun 8 pm Algonquin Amateur Radio Club Net 446.675 (PL 88.5) AARC
Sun 8:30 pm NSRA Net (with Newsline) 145.470 (PL 136.5) NSRA
Sun 9 pm CAARAnet 145.130 (PL 107.2) CAARA

* First Monday of the month, unless it’s a holiday, in which case second Monday.