449.175 DMR Repeater

BARC operates a UHF DMR repeater that is connected to the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN). Through this IP link, the repeater offers local, regional, and worldwide communications.

Call Sign: W1BOS
Frequency: 449.175(-)
Color Code: 1

Available Talk Groups on W1BOS/DMR

Talk Group Name Talk Group Number Time Slot Full Time / PTT
Local 9 2 FT
MA Statewide 3125 2 FT
NH Statewide 3133 1 PTT
Region North 8 2 FT
New England 3181 2 FT
Northeast US 3172 1 FT
North America 3 1 FT
Worldwide English 13 1 PTT
Worldwide 1 1 PTT
Parrot 9998 1 PTT
TAC310 310 1 PTT
TAC311 311 1 PTT
TAC312 312 1 PTT
UA1 113 1 PTT
UA2 123 1 PTT
NETAC1 8801 1 PTT
NETAC2 8802 2 PTT
CapeNet 8804 1 PTT
SKYWARN/911 759 1 FT

Full-time Talk Groups

The following talk groups are enabled full time on the W1BOS repeater

Local: Keys up the W1BOS repeater only.

MA Statewide: Keys up networked repeaters in Massachusetts.

Region North: Keys up networked repeaters in MA, NH, ME, RI, VT.

New England: Keys up repeaters across New England, as well as a few in New York and New Brunswick.

Northeast US: Keys up repeaters across call sign zones 1, 2, and 3.

North America: Keys up repeaters across the United States and Canada.

PTT Talk Groups

The following talk groups are available on a PTT-basis. This means that they are normally not active, but will activate if a user keys up on them.

Worldwide English: Worldwide connectivity to English-speaking countries.

Worldwide: Worldwide connectivity. Enabled weekly on Saturdays at 12 noon local time for the worldwide DMR net.

Parrot: Plays back your audio. Use to test out how well you are getting into the network.

Tactical / User-Activated Talk Groups

These talk groups are available on a PTT-basis. The intention is to connect a number of repeaters together for longer conversations without tying up unused repeaters unnecessarily.

TAC310 – TAC312: These talk groups are available within North America. They are also the easiest way to connect to users on the Brandmeister network, or on a Hotspot.

UA1/UA2: Provided by the DMR-MARC network, these talk groups are available worldwide.

NETAC1/NETAC2: Provided by NEDECN, these are available within the New England network only, and are recommended if all parties are on the NEDECN network.

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