Update to Tech POTA Day

Update on the Tech POTA Day: 

We tried to get access and permission to operate from the Norman Smith Education Center but they are hosting a private function and cannot accommodate us. Just outside their gate there are several good clearings where we will be setting up our Parks on the Air station. There is also a quick path around the center to the peak along the skyline trail. 

TALKABOUT: We will use the Great Blue Hill repeaters for communicating during the event: NE1AR 146.985/PL 88.5, and 449.125/PL 146.2 (Echolink Capable). As a backup you can contact NW1S via text or phone: 978-430-0750

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PARKING: The closest and easiest way to get to the activation site is the Chickatawbut Parking lot (shorturl.at/jxAJQ), though space is limited. There is also a parking lot at Route 28 and Chickatawbut Road (shorturl.at/hFL15). If you’re looking for a longer hike, park at Houghton’s Pond Parking (shorturl.at/byK78) and follow the trail towards Chickatawbut Hill. Trail Map: shorturl.at/gmDP2.

GETTING THERE: After parking you may hike one of the many trails or take a short walk up the road towards Norman Smith Education Center. The Gate MAY be open to that road but please do not drive up that road as we are only asking for access for one car so we can haul up the gear. Don’t forget to drop us a quick email if you’re thinking of going even if just for a short while: nw1s.brendan@gmail.com.

EVENT: The Boston Amateur Radio Club plans to be up there from 1030am to around 4pm and have coordinated to have a SOTA to POTA contact with a Ham from Temple Mountain, 58 Miles away! We also have a BARC member in Virginia who will be listening to make contacts with us as well. 

SATELITE: The SO-50 Amateur Radio satellite will be in the air between 11:53 and 12:07 local time on Saturday! We have three radios, including a full duplex VHF/UHF radio, set up and ready to make a contact via satellite.

HUNTING: The Blue Hills have archery hunting but it is only permitted Monday through Thursday so we should not have any issues. 

SPOTTING: We will be spotting via the POTA.us spot page and will do our best to add BARC in the comments section of the spot. You can also look for all spots from K-8402.

WEATHER: It looks like it’s going to be a cold one up on the hill so dress appropriately. 
CLUB: The Event is hosted by the Boston Amateur Radio Club. Visit www.barc.org/ and join today if you’re not already a member.

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