QSO Today Virtual Hamfest

Depressed that hamfests throughout the world have been cancelled? Unhappy that the New England Division Convention is not to be this year (see last post)? Well, there is an alternative…this weekend!

ICOM and the QSO Today podcast are attempting to hold a massive virtual, online hamfest on the weekend of 8-9 August. How do we define massive? 20 000 hams have registered for this free event! There are 162 prizes being given out! Dozens of speakers in four different tracks over two days! Vendors!!

These folks are attempting nearly everything a “brick & mortar” hamfest does, but their attempting to do it virtually. No, it’s not a replacement for everything we lost this year via our normal way of interacting with each other, but if anyone can deal with virtual communication, it’s us Amateur Radio Operators.

Visit the website. Register. Let’s give this a try!

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo!