Field Day, June 22—23

BARC will be gathering for Field Day this year at Hale Education in Westwood. This annual event, held on the third full weekend in June, is part contest, part open house, part emergency exercise, part camping trip, and all a lot of fun. People who aren’t yet members of BARC, or who even aren’t yet licensed, are welcome to join us.

The operating period runs from 2 pm on Saturday until 2 pm on Sunday, and will be preceded by setup and followed by teardown. We will have four HF stations in operation, and in keeping with the emergency preparedness theme, power will be provided by generators. Single sideband voice, CW (Morse code), and various digital modes will be used. If you’re licensed but haven’t operated much (or at all), this is a great opportunity to get started on HF.

There will be food and drinks available.

The ARRL Field Day page is here. Directions to Hale Education are here. Talkaround will be on 147.420 MHz simplex. For more information, contact us at