QDX class starts April 18th!

Note: The class is sold out. Thank you for your interest.

We are excited to announce that the Boston Amateur Radio Club is teaching a QDX building class.

What is a QDX, you ask? Well it’s a digital ham radio transceiver, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, that operates at 5 watts on the 10 meter amateur radio band.

This class is going to be geared towards Technician class licensees, newer hams with limited experience in soldering, antenna concepts and digital modes. So, if that sounds like you, we encourage you to take the class.

This offering of the QDX build class has been sponsored by an Amateur Radio Digital Communications grant, and the materials cost, a $110 value, has been completely covered by that grant. The class still has a nominal fee of $75 which is being donated to Artisans Asylum for their continued support and help of the Boston Amateur Radio Club.

The class will be on Thursday evenings, beginning on April 18th, for 5 sessions.

A quick class description:

This class is a brief introduction to basic electronic circuits, building toroids, soldering, building antennas, and operating on amateur radio digital modes. We will be building a QRP Labs 10m QDX-M single band radio and a QRP Guys No-Tune end-fed half wave antenna.

The class will consist of five sessions, every Thursday at 6pm, beginning on April 18th, held at the Artisans Asylum Holton St. building.

During the class we will:

  • Build a small portable antenna
  • Learn about some basic electronic components
  • Learn how to solder
  • Learn to make toroids
  • Build a small 5 watt radio for the ten meter band
  • Learn to operate on digital modes

While this class does not have any prerequisites, we are building a radio for use on amateur radio frequencies, so a Technician class amateur radio license is preferred (but not required) to take the class and keep the radio. Be advised that in order to transmit using your radio outside of class meeting times, you will need an amateur radio license issued by the FCC.

For more information on licensing and a schedule of test sessions contact the Boston Amateur Radio Club at w1bos@arrl.net.

The class listing is here if you wish to sign up:

If you have experience with soldering and building kits but wish to take the class, we would ask that you wait and give those newer to the hobby and kit building a chance to sign up for the class. In a week or so if there are spots left I will resend a email to the bostonARC groups.io list for all others that may be interested.

Any questions please email Brendan at nw1s.brendan@gmail.com.

Free Weekly General Class on Zoom

From Rol, K3RA:

A free, weekly, live, Amateur Radio General Class Licensing course on Zoom will begin on Thursday, Oct 27 and will run through Thursday, January 5. There will be 9 sessions, with two breaks for holidays. The three-hour sessions will start at 6:30 PM Eastern Time. Sessions will be recorded. These are the classes that we have been holding for years sponsored by the National Electronics Museum. Please publicize this with anyone that you think would be interested. Those wishing to sign up should email roland.anders@comcast.net.