Share How You’re Spending Field Day!

Today is the eve of the most atypical Field Day in the history of the League! Field Day was first done in 1933 and the only pandemic event that can rival what we are going through today was the Spanish Flu in 1917, years before.

The purpose of Field Day is to demonstrate Amateur Radio’s flexibility to both the public and to ourselves.

How are you spending this historic Field Day?

Send your quick stories and pictures to “” and we’ll be sharing these through the weekend on our Facebook page.

If you choose to “aggregate” your score as a club – and I hope you do – please sign us as “Boston Amateur Radio Club” as NV1W suggested.

Good Field Day, everyone! “Neither rain, nor snow, nor COVID-19” can stop us!

A Quiet Revolution…

On the evening of June 18th the Boston Amateur Radio Club went through a quiet revolution.

BARC is one of the older Amateur Radio Clubs still going in Eastern MA right now. For the last decade or more the club has been wonderfully run by a tight, core group of people who have done yeoman’s work navigating the organization through the honestly chaotic times of the 21st century. On June 18th these magnificently hard working folks got a bit of a much deserved break.

Holding its first meeting since their January Holiday Party – and its first meeting ever via Zoom, thanks to Phil Temples, K9HI – BARC elected the first new people to its major offices in years.

Taking over from Joe Chapman, NV1W, as Secretary, is Doc Kinne, KE1ML.

Taking over from Mark Duff, KB1EKN, as Vice President, is Morgan Johnstone, KB1ZFP.

BARC was unanimous in the gratitude it holds for the officers stepping down – they are the reason BARC continues to thrive at all! Past Vice President Mark Duff, as he stepped down, expressed appreciation that “new blood” had stepped into leadership roles.

(Photo courtesy of K9HI)