The BARC Repeaters

The Boston Amateur Radio Club operates the 145.23- 2 meter and the 447.175 70cm repeaters. The machines are located near South Station in downtown Boston, and easily covers all of eastern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and northern Rhode Island. When the band is open, we regularly get visitors from Maine, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in the north, and from as far south as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The repeater is an open machine (any Tech or higher licensed ham can use it). It requires a PL of 88.5 Hz to access the machine, and also has an output PL of 88.5 Hz, so if your radio can decode PL, this may eliminate a lot of intermod and pager squawks...) The repeater's licensee is John Garrett, WN9T.


Here's the business side of the repeater
  • Amplifier
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver
  • Squelch
  • Control Receiver
  • Power Supply

Here are a few pictures of the repeater itself; click on any one to get a larger view.

N1IST, WN9T, and W1BOS/R WN9T programming the repeater
Side view of the rack Controller on left, receiver on right, cans below
N1IST fixing the control port KA1TUZ and WN9T

These pictures were all taken by Mike, N1IST except the one I'm in